Queens Escorts

To follow up the comments posted on this blog, and the many emails I receive, I would like to clarify this.

Contrary to what some of you may think:Queens Escorts

– I am neither embittered nor revanchist, 
– I have no rancor,
– I am neither bitter nor disappointed,
– I like men, and they make me well ;-)

I would even add that this activity has, on the contrary, reconciled with them because I have never met so many gentlemen.

Let’s see … look at me … do I look like a sour woman?
Do I look unhappy?

Of course not !

At 45, I feel wonderfully beautiful and fulfilled.
I measure every day and more, the chance I have to be able to exercise this activity at my age.

Far from discouraging me, the difficulties and the adversity, on the contrary, boosted my pugnacity and increased my energy tenfold.

So yes, I experienced dramas as part of my activity, yes I was betrayed and abused by some, but I also made great encounters with men exciting and interesting.

A chapter will be dedicated to these magical moments … When the time will come.

But for now, I need to free my mind.
I come on this blog, as I will go to my shrink. This blog, is a couch, I lie down, and I speak without taboos, without fuss, without modesty too. You listen to me and give me more attention than a psychiatrist would give me. And all this for free ;-) She is not beautiful life?

If I want to stay as I am now, these confidences are necessary. Three years of battles, settling of scores, it is heavy to wear, even when you have energy to spare.

I know, at the consultation of my stats, that many of you, come regularly on this blog, to follow my adventures.Thank you. It’s a real psychoanalysis that you offer me … I’m very lucky to be able to confide in you.

So please, stop thinking, because I relate this or that mishap, I have an account to settle with men.

And then, quite between us, my blog would interest you so much, if I told only pleasant things?