Female Escorts

Prior to becoming anĀ Westchester Escort, strip club. I did not like very much and with the romantic film of Pretty Woman in my head, I decided to give escorting a try. I would never ever consider working in an Amsterdam brothel, but being an escort in very much different. The first time I went to see a customer as an escort girl, I was so nervous. But fortunately for me, another escort girl who later became a very friend, prepared me well for everything that was going to come. I must say that my first escort girl experience was really great. My first job was in Amsterdam. I was asked to come to a beautiful luxury hotel suite.The champagne was ready and I was originally only booked for 4 hours. That later changed into a whole night. Today, I still my first date and our relationship has grown. We even call each other on the phone from time to time to have a little talk. I always get a flower arrangement from him for my birthday and last month he took me to Paris for a long and romantic weekend.